Molly in Cádiz

molly pines¡Hola a todos! My name is Molly Pines and I’m a rising junior from outside of San Francisco. At Amherst, my majors are English and Spanish, my extracurriculars are swimming, tour guiding, and Amherst Dance, and my interests include food, poetry, exercise, all types of music, and taking long walks. This Fall, I’m excited to be studying abroad in Cádiz, Spain. Join me to hear my honest and hopefully interesting accounts of all things gaditano. From my day-to-day routines to my once-in-a-lifetime adventures, I plan to describe it all here. ¡Vamos!

Post 1: When Goals are Getting in the Way

Post 2: What Stays and What Goes: Being Myself and Not Myself Abroad

Post 3: Routines

Post 4: Heating Up and Cooling Down