Christine in Cuba (Spring 2016)

Christine Croasdaile portrait

I’m Christine! I’m a twenty-year-old student from Brooklyn, New York and I’m studying in Havana, Cuba this spring. I’m a Black Studies and Spanish major, and I can probably be found dancing, eating, or cooking up trouble with my friends. I love my family, social justice, music, research, Twix chocolate candies, and my two godchildren. I spend hours talking with my professors – often times more than I should because #homeworkstruggle ¡Vamos a Cuba!

Post 1: We aren’t in the US anymore…

Post 2: And so the work begins… (aka Academics Abroad!)

Post 3: Can we all just get along? (The Obamas visit CUBA!)

Post 4: Even During Revolutionary Experiences, One Can Find Time For a (Spring) Break…

Post 5: “What do you hunger for?” (My Hunger for Culture in Cuba)


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